We offer product development training on how to create, package and sell different products while empowering you to be an entrepreneur through wealth creation. Some of the products that you can learn how to make, package and sell include:
  1. Groundnuts, Simsim and Peanut Butter
  2. Tomato and Chili Sauces and Pastes
  3. Liquid Soap and Bar Soap
  4. Body Lotion and Creams
  5. Fruit Jam (Pineapple, Orange, Pawpaw)
  6. Sweet Potato Flour and Bread
  7. Avocado Oil
  8. Yoghurt
  9.  Crocheting
  10.  Beading

Duration: 2 days

Grade: Open

Exam Body: EATI Certificate

No of Terms: N/A
Enterprise Development

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